★ Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested to collect some orders before ordering through you, can I use your photos?
☆ Yes, you may use our photos to collect orders.

May I know how long does it take for orders to reach?
☆ Lead Time for PreOrder Orders is approx 3-4 weeks from PO closing. Which means the items will reach us within 3-4 weeks after PO have closed.

Can you tell me when my order arrives?
☆ We will inform all customers once the items are here. :)

Price next to this item is for how many pieces?
☆ Price quoted is for per piece, unless stated.

Does the price stated includes local postage? If not how do you calculate local post?
☆ Postage will be calculated when items reaches us as all items have different weigh/size and we will need to weigh or measure them. Rates are according to Singpost or TaQbin's rates.

When do we have to pay for our PreOrder orders? Can I pay when items are here?
☆ All Orders and Payment have to be in before 11.29pm on PO closing date. We will not take in any unpaid orders.

Do you refunds/exchanges?
Refunds are only applicable for items that are Out Of Stock, came to us in a different colour/size or came to us damaged. We will inform you of the situation and will provide full refund for those items, however if you do choose to take the item of a different colour or another item of similar value, no refunds will be given!

All items sold will be checked before posting/passing to customer, therefore we do not do exchanges or refunds after the items leave our hands. Feel free to choose collection to check items during collection. :)

Can you bubblewrap my item?
We take photos of parcels during packing as proof that items are in good condition before posting. For small fragile items, we will bubblewrap them to prevent damages. We are not liable for any lost or damaged items through postal.

Can you make sure my normal mail reaches me by XXX date?
Hi, normal mail parcels are usually delivered by Singspot within 2 working days to 2 weeks. There are also some cases of lost mails which we are not liable for. If it's urgent or very important do choose express delivery by TaQbin or collect from us

Can you take a photo of my parcel?
Yes we take photos during packing and video during posting for normal post, if you need it just ask from us after we have posted and we will send it to you. :) For postings with tracking do request for the tracking code from us instead. :)

I ordered this is Red can I change it to Black instead?
☆  Depends on when you decide to change, if it's before PO closes, we are able to update the change, however if PO have already closed we will most probably not be able to change it for you.

I can't do ibanking can I pay you cash during meetup?
☆ Yes, you would have to meet us to make payment before PO Closes and if you choose meet up to collect the items, we will arrange another meetup when the items are here.

I got more questions, where can I contact you?
☆ Feel free to drop us a What'sapp message at 8141 0950. :)

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